Indonesian Biotechnology Information Centre
Biotechnology for the welfare of people

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Our Activities

The programmes have two specific goals i.e.

  1. to help national programmes facilitate the development of a policy environment conducive to the application of biotechnologies, and
  2. to promote public understanding of scientific advances in crop biotechnology. 

The programmes consist of: 

  • Seminars/workshops/conferences for decision-makers, journalists, researchers, the industries and the public depending on their needs and competencies. 
  • Training courses for researchers, teachers, journalists and university staff in popularizing scientific information on biotechnology. 
  • Production of communication materials for television, radio, newspapers (video/cassettes, CD-ROM, printed materials) and development of websites. 
  • Support for scientific journals, proceedings and semi-popular publications on biotechnology such as organized by the Indonesian Association of Agricultural Biotechnologists (PBPI). 
  • Article-writing competitions on biotechnology perception and appreciation for high school and university students, the public and journalists.